La Tribu Qui Pue - élise gravel

La Tribu Qui Pue - élise gravel


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You know the Tribu-qui-pue?

It's a bunch of kids who live in treehouses with their animal friends. They don't need adults: they are super resourceful! They eat fruit, play with animals, and learn to read the crisp wrappers left behind by careless adults. Sure, they never take a bath, which earns them their name, but they're happy and having a blast! .... Which does not please Yvonne Carré, the director of the orphanage at all.

Warning: This book contains nudity, dirt, freedom…and also a pony.

  • 32 pages
  • 24 x 30 cm
  • from 4 ans years old
  • written by Élise Gravel
  • illustrated by Magali Le Huche
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About the author

Élise Gravel needs no introduction. She is a real schoolyard star. Whether it's with her amusing documentary series Les petits dégoûtants or her great albums like La clé à molette, she can certainly boast of having attracted even the most refractory of children to reading. Even toddlers can enjoy his absurd humor, thanks to his hilarious all-cardboard Je suis terrible and Une patate à vélo.