E-Book - Diversité - Pour Bien Grandir

E-Book - Diversité - Pour Bien Grandir


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Diversité is one of nine Pomango books in the Pour bien grandir Collection. Forty-four differences are illustrated and explained in order to instill in mini an openness to the differences between people, cultures and points of view. This benevolent attitude that is open-mindedness ensures that we have interest, curiosity and understanding for ideas that differ in part or totally from ours. Being caring, listening to others and respectful of the opinions of others are qualities that stem in part from this quality of open-mindedness.


It there are so many things that make us all the same and so many things that make us different. Where we live, what we eat, how we dress, and even how we speak are just a few things that make us who we are. Can you imagine a world in which everyone is the same? That would be really boring! Instead, let's explore all the wonderful things that make us great people! Diversity equals difference. Isn't that awesome?


  • Texts: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos< /li>
  • Illustrations: Gustavo Mazali
  • Graphic design: Estudi Guash, SL, Mylène Purcell and Catherine Charbonneau
  • Translation from English: Eva Milanovic
  • < li>Linguistic revision: Maryse Froment-Lebeau
  • Number of pages: 96
  • PDF or EPUB format (Not compatible with Kindle)



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  • Compatible with several readers including IBOOKS (Apple), Caliber (Windows), Freda (Windows), Adobe Digital Editions (Android) etc.
  • < /ul>


    • Provides a faithful representation of the paper book (each page is an image).
    • Static format.
    • Unable to change text size to fit screen.
    • Not recommended on an e-reader.
    • Compatible on laptop, tablet, cell phone.


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