E-Book - Wonders Of The Human Body - Learn And Grow

E-Book - Wonders Of The Human Body - Learn And Grow


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Wonders of the human body by Pomango is one of four educational books in the Learn and grow Collection. As he/she reads, mini will understand that his/her body is a fascinating machine! The themes, the illustrations as well as the information are popularized so that your child grasps the main lines of human biology and the functions of each organ. Several simple explanations will allow him to understand certain behaviors specific to the functioning of the human body. Why do I have to go to the toilet? Why do I need to eat well? Why do I feel pain when I stub my little toe? How does my body make me feel emotions? Why do I have memories? These questions and many others will be answered as you read, and this, in the greatest pleasure!


Every second of the day and night - without you even realizing it - your body is working so that you can play, sleep, eat and live. In this book, you will find the answers to certain questions such as: Why do you sneeze? What is your navel for? Why are your bones so hard? Why do you have the hiccups?

You will learn about your heart, blood, digestive system and more. Because your body is an incredible machine!

Characteristics :

  • Texts: Alejandro Algarra
  • Illustrations: Marta Fabrega
  • Graphic design: Estudi Guash, S.L., Mylène Purcell and Catherine Charbonneau
  • Translation from English: Eva Milanovic
  • Number of pages: 96
  • PDF or EPUB format (Not compatible with Kindle)



  • Flexible format created especially for the digital book.
  • Compatible with several readers including IBOOKS (Apple), Caliber (Windows), Freda (Windows), Adobe Digital Editions (Android) etc.


  • Offers a faithful representation of the paper book (each page is an image).
  • Static format.
  • Unable to change text size to fit screen.
  • Not recommended on an e-reader.
  • Compatible on laptop, tablet, cell phone.


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