Ma Méthode De Lecture Montessori - Cahier Larousse

Ma Méthode De Lecture Montessori - Cahier Larousse


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Thanks to Montessori pedagogy, learning to read becomes easy peasy!

Activities based on the Montessori method for learning to read. The proposed material allows the manipulation of letters and sounds as well as the appropriation of syllabic functioning.

Find out in this notebook:

  • Sound pages that will allow your child to learn simple and complex sounds by identifying them by their pronunciation and spelling
  • Fun activities that will encourage your child to complete words, using his mobile alphabet, or to compose whole words by practicing silent dictation
  • An invitation to read your first words and first sentences by following the progression recommended by Montessori pedagogy


  • Format:21 x 25 cm
  • supple cover
  • Publisher:Larousse
  • Author:Delphine Urvoy
  • Number of Pages:64 pages
  • Age:From 5 years old


5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

Lecture et écriture
Mémoire et Observation