Mémotager - Memory Game - Vilac
Mémotager - Memory Game - Vilac

Mémotager - Memory Game - Vilac


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A little trip to the vegetable garden, do you like it? 

Here is a fun memory game in the form of a small wooden vegetable garden. The aim of the game ? Invite players to harvest two identical vegetables one after the other. So for the harvest to be successful, you will have to exercise your sense of observation and your memory. But be careful, as soon as the player harvests two different vegetables, he replants them and it's off again for another round!

The little extra: A game variant offers each player to find the vegetables that make up their soup. To do this, you will have to avoid the rabbits that hide in the middle of the vegetables and have only one desire: to nibble on the harvest! A fun and educational game and a good way to harvest your 5 fruits and vegetables a day! ;)


  • A wooden and felt box
  • 7 “soup recipe” cards
  • 24 wooden and felt vegetables
  • 2 rabbits


  • Recommended age: 3 years and up
  • Dimensions: 27 x 5.5 x 23.5cm
  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Materials: wooden game and felt


Flagship of the French wooden toy, VILAC is an exception. The company has proven its difference by cultivating a love of beauty. Committed to the design of its creations, VILAC calls on talented illustrators, artists and designers to develop its games, toys and collectibles. It is also in the wake of the old turning machines, which once made the reputation of the region, that the VILAC house is part of: Turned, smoothed, sanded, lacquered, decorated in our JURA workshop by our craftsmen, beech, hornbeam, alder or boxwood from the surrounding French forests guarantee the specialty and quality of the factory.


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