Mes Routines Du Matin Et Du Soir À Imprimer
Mes Routines Du Matin Et Du Soir À Imprimer

Mes Routines Du Matin Et Du Soir À Imprimer


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Mes routines du matin et du soir

It is important to know that children need the security provided by rituals, routines and regular activities. Family routines allow the child to be more stable, more cooperative, which is always appreciable in the morning, when it's the race to be on time at school! Most importantly, these clear habits will help your child gradually become independent. Each family has its own rules of life. The idea is simply to repeat the tasks in the same order each morning:we get up, we have lunch, we wash, get dressed and brush our teeth, we play and every evening:we do our homework, we play, we put on our pajamas, we tidy our room, our teeth, a story and to bed! Besides most of the time this order is done naturally.


  • 1 morning and evening routine table to print
  • 1 sheet to cut out the tasks and stick them on the board
  • For standard 8 1/2"x 11"sheet!

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