Giant Mikado
Giant Mikado
Giant Mikado

Giant Mikado


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Giant Mikado from Moulin Roty

Mikado is one of the most popular games that calls for observation and skill in players. The wooden chopsticks of this giant Moulin Roty mikado are 50 cm long. This friendly game can be played with family or friends from 4 years old, both indoors and outdoors. The rules of the game are printed on the beautifully illustrated box.

The goal of the game: Drop the chopsticks on the ground or on a table all jumbled together. Each player must collect as many chopsticks as possible without moving the others. The chopsticks have different colors where a point system is assigned depending on the color. The person who wins is the one with the most points!


  • 41 giant wooden chopsticks
  • A fabric storage bag


  • Brand: Moulin Roty
  • Recommended age: 4 years and +
  • Composition: Wooden chopsticks and fabric bag
  • Dimension: Chopsticks with a length of 50 cm
  • Care: Wet wipe, mild soap
  • Made in France
  • Other information (s): 100% recyclable product

The "Today is Friday" collection

Playing all afternoon is Wednesday, anything goes!!  Driiing, it's recess! Newly enrolled in school, children need moments of escape just to have fun. Today is Wednesday symbolizes leisure time and offers games for Wednesday, but also during recess, or on the road to vacation! Inspired by the games of the 50s, there is a classic kite revisited in the shape of a bat, golden and silver juggling balls, or the traditional mikado, but in ultra giant format!

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty is a French company manufacturing games and toys for children, for more than 50 years. Moulin Roty's product collections begin with a story, a universe and a vision that end up creating shapes, materials, designs and that end in a unique product.

Many of their products are inspired by toys of yesteryear, once made by our grandparents. These yesterday's toys for today's kids are genuine. They tell their story to children while bringing back precious memories for parents. Concern for quality and pleasure are at the heart of the company's creations. In a world of gentleness, tenderness and fantasy, the company wishes to offer a range of educational products, elegant but above all which allow young people to explore the world around them.


5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

Motricité fine et Tri
Mémoire et Observation

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