Mon Ami
Mon Ami
Mon Ami

Mon Ami


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A wonderful hymn to friendship and acceptance for children

Archibald takes us to meet a boy not quite like the others. Sam is both new to school and different. Rather than playing with other children, he enjoys spending recess staring at the clouds in the sky and creating imaginary stories. At the start, Archibald is a little afraid of him, he finds him weird then ends up joining him on his bench. Sam then opens the doors of his heart and his imagination. Archibald discovers, dumbfounded, a world unexplored until then: a dragon cloud, a cyclone spinning top

The author skillfully draws the parallel between the difference between children and trees in the park where Archibald likes to play: each tree is different, but brings something rich (Archibald can climb some, can hide behind others. or let yourself be tickled by the leaves of the shrubs). When Sam returns to school after a week's absence, Archibald admits to him that what's different about him is what he loves most about his friend! In the end, encouraged by the friendship and trust of his new friend, Sam starts playing with the other students.

This story highlights the building of relationships: a little apprehension of what is different to begin with; courage and curiosity to go beyond difference; a sharing of visions and a wealth that arises from this exchange; a double positive influence that benefits everyone.

This album is a wonderful hymn to friendship and the acceptance of differences.

  • from 3 years
  • hard cover
  • 20cm x 23cm
  • 48 pages
  • Written by Astrid Desbordes
  • Illustrated by Pauline Martin


5-7 ans

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