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Mon Cahier D'observation - Les Insectes


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Observe; Discover; Learn freely in nature; To act

This french activity book is like no other! It invites you to look differently at all the insects that surround you and bring life around you! And nothing is easier, because they are everywhere around you and you just have to look for them to discover their world! With their cousin the spiders, or their cousins the woodlice, they bring life around us. Can you imagine a summer without cricket song or bee Since it is difficult to imagine our life without insects, let's take the time here to get to know them a little, and observe them!!

An activity book filled with love and discoveries for these little critters that are part of our daily lives. A great way to integrate wildlife in our children, for those who love them and even those who are afraid of them!

For an overview of a few pages of the notebook,Click here

  • Nathan Edition
  • Author: François Lasserre
  • Illustrator: Isabelle Simler
  • Format: Softcover - 8 x 11 inches - 40 pages
  • Recommended age: 6-9 years old

This book is in partnership with the Colibris Movement - Faire sa part

Colibris Movement - Do your part

One day, says legend, there was a huge forest fire. All terrified animals, aghast, watched helplessly disaster. Only the little hummingbird was bustling about, fetching a few drops with its beak to throw them on the fire. After a while, the armadillo, annoyed by this derisory agitation, said to him: "Hummingbird! You're not crazy It's not with these drops of water that you're going to put out the fire!! " And the hummingbird answered him: "I know it, but I'm doing my part."

Hummingbirds are all those who do their part to build a world more respectful of humans and nature. The Colibris Movement supports them.

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