Mon Grand Cahier Montessori De Grammaire- Larousse

Mon Grand Cahier Montessori De Grammaire- Larousse


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The grammar? Easy peasy!

Welcome to our Montessori course, which offers more than 100 varied and progressive activities to introduce children to grammar from the age of 6. The manipulation by the child of symbols corresponding to the grammatical categories (the red circle for the verb, the black triangle for the noun, etc.) allows fun and effective learning. This initiation into grammar can be undertaken as soon as the reading of simple words is acquired by the child.

- At the start of each part, your child will discover, thanks to numerous games, the nature of the words, the notion of verb and the family of the noun (the determinant, the adjective ...), etc.

-In each part, progressive activities will be offered to the child to help him identify the grammatical categories and understand the notion of sentence:sorting words, decoding simple sentences ...

- At the end of the notebook, summary activities will allow your child to consolidate his knowledge by means of coding games, silent dictation, recognition.

  • Labels to cut, place, stick.
  • Cutting cards to play with words.
  • Stickers.
  • Publisher:Larousse
  • Dimensions of the box:21 x 28 cm
  • Pages:143
  • Age:6 years + (children from 1st to 3rd year)

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