Mon Journal De Gratitude - Imprimable
Mon Journal De Gratitude - Imprimable
Mon Journal De Gratitude - Imprimable
Mon Journal De Gratitude - Imprimable

Mon Journal De Gratitude - Imprimable


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Grateful people lead happier lives!

The main objective of this french journal is to develop a feeling of gratitude.

The notebook divides the day into 2 sections: Morning and evening

The morning :

Question # 1: I am grateful for ...

This first question to ask challenges the child to find a reason to be grateful. Every day he will be able to find a different reason and see how lucky he is!

Question # 2: Here is something I can do to make this day great:

We love the idea that the child takes some responsibility for the outcome of their day. It also gives her the ability to * plan * to be nice or helpful.

The evening :

Question # 3: Every act of kindness makes the world better. Here is a beautiful thing I did today:

So that the child can see that his actions have consequences and that the choice to be kind will have a positive impact on those around him, even if he does not see it.

Question # 4: My brain grows making mistakes. Here is something I need to improve for tomorrow.

That last question about mistakes and failure might seem like an odd choice for a gratitude journal. However, in order to develop a growing mindset, we like the idea that the child thinks positively about their mistakes every day.

In addition to gratitude, this journal is an opportunity to promote other skills to be integrated in children. : autonomy, kindness, thoughtfulness, resilience and courage.

Characteristics :

  • Brand: Pomango
  • 22 PAGES
  • Dimensions: Letter size - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Other: Designed in Quebec


  1. Print the gratitude journal. If you have a duplex printer, you can print the entire document as is (If you want, place a colored sheet on top in the printer for the cover). If you can only print one side at a time, print the cover (page 1) first using the colored sheet of paper (if you want). Then print 10 copies of page 3. Take the stack and put it back into the printer, then print 10 copies of page 4. You may need to experiment with the orientation to get it to print correctly, so the first time, print only one sheet to make sure it is properly inserted in the printer. Obviously you can use more or fewer pages if you want. Since each page contains 2 days per side, 10 sheets of paper will therefore last 40 days.
  2. Fold the cover and question sheets in half.
  3. Use a long stapler to staple the pages together. If you don't have a long stapler, you can fold the pages at one end once more so that the regular stapler can reach the middle, then unfold the extra fold once the newspaper is stapled together. (see in the pictures)
  4. Let your child know that they can write their name on their journal and decorate the cover.

To be completed every day!

*** These documents are PDF files that you will receive by email and then print at home or at a Staples (or other printing company)

** Please note that this license gives you the right to your only use. Thank you for respecting copyrights. Feel free to spread the good news by inviting people to get their own set.


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