Mon Journal De Voyage À Télécharger
Mon Journal De Voyage À Télécharger
Mon Journal De Voyage À Télécharger
Mon Journal De Voyage À Télécharger

Mon Journal De Voyage À Télécharger


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Collect all the best travel memories in one place!

Travel is usually the best memories we have in childhood. From preparation to return, it is all these steps that make the experience magical and extraordinary. Thus, Pomango has created this travel diary to allow your children to come and paste, write, draw, play these fabulous moments in the same notebook!

This french diary can be completed on its own for older children or with the help of a parent for younger children.

This book includes several sections that include the different stages and types of travel including:

  • My perfect trip
  • In my suitcase I bring
  • I travel to Quebec
  • I travel to Canada
  • I travel abroad
  • Information about my destinations (places I want to visit, the weather, etc.)
  • Logbook
  • Games (bingo)


  1. Print the travel journal. To obtain the notebook, you must print on both sides. Print the entire document as is (If you want, place a colored sheet on top in the printer for the cover). If you can only print one side at a time, print the cover (page 1) first using the colored sheet of paper (if you want). Then print page 2 and turn it over to print page 3. Print page 4 and turn it over to print page 5 and so on..
  2. Fold the blanket and inner sheets in half.
  3. Use a long stapler to staple the pages together. If you don't have a long stapler, you can fold the pages at one end once more so that the regular stapler can reach the middle, then unfold the extra fold once the newspaper is stapled together. (see in the pictures)

Characteristics :

  • Brand: Pomango
  • Age: 4-10 years old, parental help suggested for the little ones
  • Pages: 36
  • Format: PDF, 8.5 X 11 in



5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

Ouverture sur le monde