Petit Guide Écologique Pour La Maison

Petit Guide Écologique Pour La Maison


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Nothing beats rushing, it's the gesture that counts. One change at a time!

In the zero waste philosophy, in any aspect of your life, the best option is always to use what you have right now and replace it, when finished, with more durable products. For example, is your toothpaste tube running out soon? It's time to consider checking with a bulk store if they sell toothpaste. Nothing prevents you from taking a small amount to start to see if the flavor you like. This is the advantage of bulk!

This approach offers several advantages:
- It makes the transition to a sustainable lifestyle less overwhelming;
- It allows to know more about the impact of each exchange on the environment;
- It helps to get involved in the organizations you choose to support


  • A 7-page printable notebook
  • Options for the kitchen, options for the bathroom and laundry room, options for other rooms
  • A monitoring table and solutions for your household waste

Note that this tool is free with the purchase of the family diary !

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