Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools


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Play gardener

These small wooden and metal gardening tools created by Vilac are perfect for introducing children to the pleasures of nature. With this shovel, rake and hoe, playing in the earth or mud, growing plants, digging a hole, raking the ground are some of the activities that you can do and that will participate in the development of the child.

Stimulate your senses in the garden

Being outside, having fun in the water, discovering the land will allow children to make discoveries and stimulate their senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. During your gardening sessions, pay his attention to the sensation of the earth, the mud, the sound of birds, the taste of the vegetables you have planted together, the smell of flowers and the vibrant colors. of summer.

Develop your scientific mind

Gardening will also encourage the child to explore his environment and to ask himself questions. Why do we need to water plants How did the seed we plant become a flower How long will cucumbers take to grow Take advantage of these beautiful times outdoors to teach it the basics of nature. .

Learn about healthy eating

The garden and the vegetable patch are ideal places to teach children about the benefits of healthy eating. The child will understand where their food comes from and will even have a certain pride in participating in their planting and harvesting. Who knows that may encourage him to eat more vegetables knowing that it is a little thanks to him that they end up on his plate

Understanding the passage of the seasons

While gardening, discuss the seasons with the child. In spring, the seeds must be planted; in the summer, it becomes small plants that must be taken care of; in the fall, we will harvest; then, in winter, nature rests.

Included :

  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Hoe

Characteristics :

  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 31.5 x 5 cm
  • Recommended age: 3 years and over
  • Materials: wood and metal
  • Care: wash in soapy water


Vilac is a French brand of wooden toys. Founded in 1911, the company quickly gained recognition for its turned and lacquered wooden toys. At Vilac, the wood is transformed to give way to colorful and whimsical toys. Natural and sustainable, they come from sustainably managed plantations.

Lacquers and paints are tested to ensure the safety of the child. There is therefore no risk of putting it in his mouth!


5-7 ans
8 ans et +

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