Snakes And Ladders - Djeco
Snakes And Ladders - Djeco

Snakes And Ladders - Djeco


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A Classic Board Game - A Touch of Humor

The Snakes and Ladders game by Djeco is a classic dice game, but reinvented because of its unique and fun world of ice floes. In turn, roll your dice and move your wooden penguin pawn to the square corresponding to the number indicated on your dice. If you run into a penguin friend, climb the ladder. If you stop on a square corresponding to another polar animal, you are caught in its net and tumble down to a piece of lower sea ice. The ultimate goal:to get to the igloo first to enjoy a good barbecue of fresh fish. May the best (or the luckiest) win!


  • Four wooden penguin pawns
  • A wooden dice


  • Design:Marc Boutavan
  • Material:Resistant canvas cardboard, wood
  • Dimensions of the tray:L:25 x W:31.5 centimeters
  • Box dimensions:H:3 x L:42 x W:16 centimeters
  • Playing time:10 minutes
  • Number of players:2 to 4
  • Recommended age:5 years and over
  • Not suitable for children 3 years old and under