6 Colored Wooden Bowls
6 Colored Wooden Bowls

6 Colored Wooden Bowls


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Allow sorting and decanting games.

6 wooden bowls in the colors of the rainbow. Filling, emptying and transferring the pieces from bowl to bowl will meet the child's needs for many years.
Also, they can be used to cover each other up and thus hide their contents. This game generates both pleasure and apprehension: the disappearance, the loss and the harvesting of many treasures.

A simple material allows several games, several possibilities.

What is a free-play toy

A free-play toy allows the child to develop his imagination through the creation of his own vision.
The toys are simple and united so as to allow the child to project his universe, character, story on the toy in question. He then works on his imagination, his creativity and his awakening.

Grapat toys have been designed to catch the eye of the child and arouse interest through a common thread; nature.
The colors, the nuances, the themes of the toys find their sources in the natural elements (earth, water, fire).
A smart toy, the Grapat toy is durable and reusable.

With its simple and sleek design, it will fit perfectly into a child's room.

Age: 1 year and over
Content: 6 wooden bowls in the colors of the rainbow
Composition: Sustainably managed beech or birch wood, non-toxic water-based paints, European toy standard
Dimensions: Bowls 6 cm diameter and 3 cm high
Brand: Grapat

Origin: Europe

Learning skills

Couleurs et Formes
Motricité fine et Tri