Choco And Cupcake - The Christmas Elves
Choco And Cupcake - The Christmas Elves
Choco And Cupcake - The Christmas Elves
Choco And Cupcake - The Christmas Elves

Choco And Cupcake - The Christmas Elves


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This Christmas book is a collection of three stories of two mischievous elves.

The Christmas Elf - Emma and Maxime love Christmas! Usually, the Advent period seems like an eternity. However, this year, an unexpected visit will make them live full of twists, surprises and laughter, because finding an elf in his house is simply magical!

Santa's Elf - Discover through this book the true story of Choco, the Christmas elf, that allowed him to visit his family before Christmas. You will discover how a very ordinary elf becomes an extraordinary elf.

Cupcake the Elf - I introduce myself: I am one of Santas elfs and I am the best tricks player in the universe! Finally, I thought I was the best, until I met Chocolatine ... I can not wait to tell you our story!

Discover the beautiful tradition of the elves sneeking into homes around the world thanks to this 3 in 1 hard cover book.


"Hi! We are Choco et Chocolatine, the naughty elves of Emma and Maxime's family. Perhaps you have already heard the story of our adventures? We are Santa's elves and, most importantly, we are the best trick players in the universe! We can't wait to tell you our story!"


  • Illustrations:Isabelle Charbonneau
  • Texts:Roxane Bergeron-Moreau
  • Dimensions:L:11 x W:8.5 inches
  • Number of pages:112
  • Hard cover


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