Je Déchire, Je Découpe, Je Colle
Je Déchire, Je Découpe, Je Colle
Je Déchire, Je Découpe, Je Colle

Je Déchire, Je Découpe, Je Colle


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A DIY activity book - Inspirations Montessori

The «Je déchire, je découpe, je colle» activity book from Éditions Nathan offers artistic sensory activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy. The child is invited to make collages of torn pieces of paper to be classified according to different sizes, to create compositions inspired by real works of art, to develop collages representing requested shapes, to reproduce models, etc. At the end of the activity book, dozens of sheets of paper are offered to allow mini to complete the activities in the book while keeping their activity book clean.


All children are artists! This sensory and progressive method allows children to exercise their hands in cutting and gluing.

  1. I tear:the child explores different textures of paper, tears them up and then classifies them.
  2. I cut:he learned to master scissors and cut increasingly complex shapes.
  3. I observe:he observes the work of a great artist and is inspired by it.
  4. I invent:he composes and glues the cut pieces of paper

A notebook to develop the skills of your hands and feel happy to create from 3 years old!


    • Author:Sandrine Andrews
    • Illustrator:Mizuho Fujisawa
    • Publisher:Éditions Nathan
    • Dimensions:L:30 x W:25 centimeters
    • Recommended age:3 years and over
    • Number of pages:80
    • supple cover


    2-4 ans
    5-7 ans
    8 ans et +

    Learning skills

    Éveil artistique