Livre Audio- 31 Contes De Noël

Livre Audio- 31 Contes De Noël


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Turn December wait times into magical, magical moments

In the car, in the metro, to the doctor, to the dentist, in the queue, to grandpa and grandma, in short, everywhere! These tales will transform every December waiting time into magical and magical moments! And will make the storytelling hours (eg before bedtime) more than special.

These 31 tales in audio version, told by famous personalities, will transport young and old in the magical world of the holiday season. Collecting 31 stories for each day of December (December 1-31), it will become a tradition from generation to generation. This great book is proudly Quebecois.

This collection includes original tales as well as classic tales, all taken from headlines well known in Christmas lore such as La chasse-galerie, Rudolphe petit renne au nez rouge sapin, Le père Jos, La petit fille qui aimait tant Noël et bien plus !

In addition to the warm voices and talent of these actors, each tale is embellished with a sound atmosphere created from scratch by musician Vincent Beaudoin: gale, snowstorm, laughter at Santa Claus, not to mention the ringing of the bell to indicate when to turn the page.

** You will get these narrations to download for free once the order is processed! **


  • Includes 31 tales in audio file: 24 original tales and 7 classic tales
  • Authors : Roxane Bergeron, Line F Boulanger, Isabelle Charbonneau, Charles Plourde and more
  • Time: Between 3 and 8 minutes of story for each tale.
  • Format: MP3 files, compatible with Android and Apple

**Doesn't come with the images, no book included


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