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E-Book - L'incroyable Monde Des Animaux - Pour Bien Grandir


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L'incroyable monde des animaux is one of nine books in the Pomango's Pour bien grandir Collection. A real discovery tool for young and old, this book will make you discover a ton of various facts about animals. Whether it's local animals or lesser-known animals from around the world, your little nature lover is sure to learn about behaviors, habitats, physical characteristics, food and even funny things. things that the featured animals do. Parents will definitely learn too! How do Giraffes manage to drink with their long necks? What is the biggest bird on earth? What are the tasks of the worker in the honeycomb? Who is the best rhino sidekick? ...And much more!!


Animals are extraordinary! Dive into this book to learn a whole lot about animals around the world. You will discover interesting facts, accompanied by color illustrations. You will learn about animals that you know well and that may live near you. You will also read about the animals that live far away like at the bottom of the ocean, in the jungles, in the savannahs of Africa and in the freezing cold of the northern hemisphere.

Let's make way for discovery!


  • Texts: Alejandro Algarra
  • Illustrations: Frank Endersrby
  • Graphic design: Estudi Guash, SL, Mylène Purcell
  • Translation from English: Eva Milanovic
  • Linguistic revision: Maryse Froment-Lebeau
  • Number of pages: 96
  • PDF or EPUB format (Not compatible with Kindle)



  • Flexible format created especially for digital books.
  • Compatible with several readers including IBOOKS (Apple), Caliber (Windows), Freda (Windows), Adobe Digital Editions (Andr oid) etc.


  • Provides a faithful representation of the paper book (each page is an image).
  • Static format.
  • Impossible to modify the size of the text to adapt it to the screen.
  • Not recommended on an e-reader.
  • Compatible on laptop, tablet, cell phone.


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