Mon Cahier Montessori - Expériences Scientifiques
Mon Cahier Montessori - Expériences Scientifiques

Mon Cahier Montessori - Expériences Scientifiques


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15 scientific experiments to manipulate, observe and awaken the scientific mind

This french notebook offers scientific experiments designed by Maria Montessori and directly adapted from the material used in Montessori classes. Each one is illustrated and described step by step, to allow you to carry out the experiment by handling a very simple material. With cutting cards allowing to associate the result of the experiment with this one. Hours of fun for the whole family!

More precisely:

According to Montessori pedagogy, the child is invited to observe, manipulate and experiment in order to understand the world around him. Here are the proposed experiences:

  • Objects that sink and float
  • Water balance
  • Communicating vessels
  • North direction
  • Air and water (the bubbles)
  • Air and water (the surface)
  • Air and fire
  • The effects of hot air
  • The electric current
  • Magnetic objects
  • The magnet and the iron filings
  • The phone
  • Static electricity
  • The circuit game


  • Authors:Sabine Hofmann and Marie Eschenbrenner
  • Illustrator:Marlène Normand
  • Publisher:Éditions Nathan
  • Dimensions:L:27 x W:23 centimeters
  • Number of pages:47
  • supple cover


5-7 ans
8 ans et +

Learning skills

Motricité fine et Tri
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