Cahier Mes Souvenirs D&
Cahier Mes Souvenirs D&
Cahier Mes Souvenirs D&

Cahier Mes Souvenirs D'école Téléchargeable- Années Du Secondaire


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A perfect album to bring together all the school memories of your child's high school years

The book «Mes souvenirs d'école» of Pomango is adapted to the French-speaking Quebec school system. This downloadable version contains the 5 years of secondary school and is full of questions addressed to the young person. Each year of secondary is divided into 5 categories.

  • My passions
  • My friends
  • I like
  • My teachers who inspire me
  • My favorite classes
  • A job that I would like to do
  • Later I would like to...

This album of school memories will not only keep material memories in a safe place, but also every little detail that we love about our young people, whether they are their emotions on their first day of school, the names of their friends, his favorite things to do, what he likes to learn and what he needs to improve.

For the full version (from Kindergarten to Secondary 5), go to

For the My School Memories box, go to

A positive reinforcement tool

Based on positive thinking, the My School Memories notebook is intended to be a tool for providing constructive feedback on the school year. Encouraging and motivating questions will be asked of your child throughout their school career. What is my greatest strength What do I need to improve for the next year What I enjoyed learning the most and what are my greatest successes of the year Several motivational phrases appear all over the sections for the primary years, showing children that they are their greatest achievement.te.

For example :

  • I can do it all when I really want to
  • I have the right to make mistakes, so I learn from my mistakes
  • I go for it and I realize myself, I have all the tools to make it happen

Characteristics :

  • Downloadable and printable format in 8.5 x 11 inch format.
  • Does not contain the cover of the complete version NOTEBOOK SOUVENIR D'ÉCOLE
  • Number of pages: 6
  • Idea and graphic design: Mylène Purcell

All rights reserved 2020 Pomango - Reproduction permission for personal use only.